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pediatric cancer drive

The Mission Search and Blake Miller 2021 Pediatric Cancer Drive

pediatric cancer drive

While some children may ask for money to buy the latest toys, games, or technologies, 10-year-old Blake Miller is asking for something else: a cure for children’s cancer.

He was watching television with his dad, Ryan Miller, Chief Information Security Officer at Mission Search when he learned that children can have cancer, too. From that moment, Blake decided to take matters into his own hands. He is now leading his own virtual fundraiser with Mission Search to benefit the National Pediatric Cancer Foundation!

With May being the official Cancer Research Month, the leadership at Mission Search decided to launch a “Buy a Day Off” fundraiser to further support Blake’s initiative. Read more about this partnership below!

“Because Kids Should Not Have Cancer”

Inspired by the idea that kids should never have cancer, nor should their parents have to endure the challenges and uncertainty of their child navigating the disease, Blake set up an online fundraiser where anyone can donate to the cause.

Supported in large by his parents and grandparents, the outpouring of support has been steadily increasing. With the ultimate goal of raising $1 million to benefit children with cancer, donations can be made at any time on his page here.

Blake also wanted to know how and where his fundraising efforts could be best spent. He and his dad did some research online and discovered a local nonprofit headquartered here in Tampa Bay.

“My dad reached out to some of the cancer foundations, and we found the National Pediatric Cancer Foundation (NPCF). We chose them because most of their donations go to research. And their work is important because they find treatments for kids that don’t make them as sick.”

The National Pediatric Cancer Foundation

Founded by two mothers who met in their children’s cancer ward, the NPCF is an organization that raises money to fund research to directly benefit pediatric cancer patients. In the 1960s, the founder’s infant children were being treated with the same protocols that would be given to a full-grown adult.

“Funding is a big issue for pediatric cancer,” explains Ms. Chelsea Wagner, Director of Strategic Partnerships at NPCF. “When it comes to national research, only 4% of the budget is allocated to all of pediatric, whereas 96% goes to adults. But children are worth more than 4%.”

As a childhood cancer survivor herself, Ms. Wagner says that kids undergoing cancer treatment often experience even more severe side effects than their adult counterparts.

“That’s why funding research is so important to me, and to our organization. For every dollar donated, 88 cents of it goes directly into funding research projects.”

Another unique and important aspect of the NPCF’s work is that their network of doctors and researchers openly share findings, collaborate, and meet regularly. Unlike other research groups who keep their research at a single hospital, the NPCF is comprised of the brightest, most brilliant minds working together to find cures.

“We were thrilled to meet Blake, and inspired by how impactful it is for children to be helping other children,” Ms. Wagner says. “We gave him an official NPCF bracelet when he came to visit us, and to date, he hasn’t taken it off.”

Support the Mission Search and Blake Miller 2021 Pediatric Cancer Drive

At the Mission Search headquarters, we’ve enacted a “Buy a Day Off” campaign where our funds will be matched and donated to Blake’s cause.

If you would like to support the research to end pediatric cancer, consider donating today!


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