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The Benefits of Hiring Remote Dosimetrists during COVID-19

remote_dosimetryWith the burden placed on healthcare systems throughout the world, it’s important to find – and retain – professional healthcare workers, specifically those in the specialized field of remote dosimetrists. Taking care of cancer patients, while ensuring their continuing safety, is important, especially now.

The Importance of Dosimetrists

Dosimetrists are an integral part of a cancer center – they determine the dosage that cancer patients receive during radiation therapy. They’re highly trained medical professionals and are responsible for planning the treatment. At both specialty cancer centers and rural healthcare medical clinics, remote dosimetrists are especially in high demand.

Medical Dosimetrists consult with doctors, physicists, and their radiation therapy colleagues about radiation treatment planning. They also advise about the resources needed to solve the challenges that diverse physical and technical problems in the clinical environment brings. Dosimetrists provide an essential role in radiation oncology.

Why Hire Remote Dosimetrists

While the number of cancer patients increases and the demand for professional dosimetrists remains high, it’s not always feasible for smaller, rural centers to have full-time dosimetrists on the staff. If the patient demand isn’t enough for a small town, hiring a remote worker makes more sense.

Using remote treatment can be cost-effective for many organizations while allowing for steady patient growth. Even if your caseloads increase, you can avoid adding full-time employees, without affecting your bottom line. Plus, limiting the number of people that a cancer patient, with their immunocompromised system, encounters is safer for that individual.

Remote Dosimetrists During Quarantine

The Remote Dosimetry recruitment program from Mission Search is structured to help our clients effectively and safely handle the treatment of their cancer patients especially during these critical and challenging times of mandated or self-quarantine.

Using our services allows you to maintain high-quality treatment for your patients safely and be prepared for unexpected employee absences or other situations.

We’ve taken the initiative to have our employees work from home, with the same professionalism that you expect of our teams in the field. Our commitment to timely, responsive service to our clients and their patients remains unchanged, and we’re executing dynamic strategies to ensure this. As always, the safety and well being of our employees and our patients is paramount.

Working With Mission Search

We have a team of consultants ready to help your organization more efficiently treat patients during these challenging times. Whether you’re a small-town hospital or a dedicated cancer center, Remote Dosimerists should be an integral part of your radiation treatment planning department. Give us a call today and we can connect you to a highly trained professional.

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