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summer sun safety month

Summer Sun Safety Month with the American Cancer Society

summer sun safety month

Did you know that an estimated 90 percent of all skin aging is caused by the sun alone? And by using a daily sunscreen of 15 SPF, can reduce the appearance of skin aging by 24 percent?

Not only is ultraviolet (UV) radiation exposure a question of beauty, aging, or aesthetics – but it is an important health concern around the world because it can be directly attributed to several types of skin and eye diseases including cancer. With skin cancer leading the pack as the most common cancer in the US, some other important facts to note are that:

  • 1 in 5 Americans will develop skin cancer by the age of 70.
  • More than 2 people die of skin cancer in the U.S. every hour.
  • Having 5 or more sunburns doubles your risk for melanoma.
  • When detected early, the 5-year survival rate for melanoma is 99 percent.

In the spirit of Summer Sun Safety Month, we looked into the initiatives and resources provided by the American Cancer Society on prevention, awareness, and protective steps to help inform and educate ourselves on how to stay safe (and have fun) in the sun!

How Much Do You Know About Skin Cancer?

The American Cancer Society has put together an interactive guide on their website, covering various important topics to consider during Summer Sun Safety Month. Some of these resources that provide key takeaways include:

The Skin Cancer Quiz – Don’t be fooled by rumors and misinformation about your skin. Test your knowledge of 6 common beliefs about skin cancer.

An Interactive Skin Test – Not all signs of skin cancer may be visible to you. Some commonly missed areas of the body include the soles of the feet, backs of the legs, and even under our fingernails. This guide helps you do a full skin test, making sure you examine blind spots and understand what signs to look out for.

Understanding how UV Exposure Works – this guide gives a list of different types of exposure and how they can cause various health issues.

A Printable Booklet – How to Protect Yourself and your Family from the Sun – a two-page guide that provides essential information for families and individuals.

Mission Search is blessed to have our headquarters in the beautiful Sunshine State, and with everlasting summers comes the responsibility to share facts and raise awareness of how we can protect ourselves and our loved ones from the dangers of UV exposure.

To learn more, visit The American Cancer Society’s website here.

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