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Stay Strong on Your New Year’s Resolution

It’s estimated that by February, 80% of Americans have abandoned their New Year’s resolutions. If that sounds like you, don’t get discouraged. It’s only human nature to start out strong and then revert back to your comfort level. Change isn’t easy. The thing is, you have to really want to change. And sometimes it takes several attempts before it finally clicks. If you’ve started to waver on your goals, you’re not alone. But you can stand out by starting over – again and again – until you finally get it right. 

Here are some tips to get you back on track:

1. Remember why you wanted this change

Whatever your goal was, you made it for a reason. What was it? Did you want to lose 10 pounds so you could gain your confidence back? Did you want to go back to school to buff up your resume? Did you want to explore mutual hobbies to save your relationship? Think deeply about what sparked your desire to change. Meditate on your goals and aspirations and let that drive your motivation to begin again. 

2. Be flexible with timelines

Set yourself up for success by not demanding the world of yourself right away. Change takes time, and it’s hard to estimate just how long each individual goal will take. Be realistic with your timelines, but still challenge yourself. Don’t get discouraged if things take an extra few days, weeks or even months. The point is progress. As long as you continue to make progress, you should be proud of yourself. 

3. Celebrate every (little) victory

You don’t get anywhere by being a bully, especially to yourself. Rather than tear yourself down for not working fast enough or hard enough, celebrate every time you get closer to your goal. Every gym session is a victory. Every time you open a book to study is a win. Every time you successfully communicate with your partner is a reason to celebrate. No matter what your goal is – every little victory counts. Be your biggest cheerleader, and you’ll bring about massive amounts of change through positive affirmation and manifestation. 

The year is still young, and there is still time to bring about positive change in your life. Your goals are yours for the taking. Whatever your resolution is, know that you have the power to make it happen. Whatever you do, do it for YOU.

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