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Seeking Excellence: Interim Leadership Solutions with Mission Search

Have you ever thought of a CEO, Director, or VP walking into a hospital for the first time, enacting change across the entire institution, and leaving after an assignment of thirteen weeks? It’s an incredibly challenging role to play and takes an even more incredible person with high impact who can hit the ground running to be successful in this transformational environment.

We sat down with Ms. Ozge Denizli, VP of Leadership Solutions at Mission Search, to speak about some of the reasons why Mission Search is a unique partner in this field. Ms. Denizli has traveled extensively and fostered relationships with healthcare leaders and world-class institutions across the nation. Read more below to learn how Mission Search helps healthcare facilities improve their operations with our client-focused methodologies.

A Roster of Success

Experience. Cultural awareness. A track record of success. At Mission Search, we work with only the highest caliber of healthcare leadership. In doing so for more than twenty years, we have accrued the most highly skilled and successful roster of professionals who are committed to overcoming specific challenges for leading hospitals in the country.

“We have an accomplished roster of candidates with both the professional and technical competencies to hit the spot,” says Ms. Denizli. “We understand the clients’ culture, to bring the right behavioral soft skills to fit their overall culture and dynamics.”

Whether they are preparing to become a magnet designated facility, improve patient satisfaction and quality scores, address internal issues or nurture morale, Mission Search’s leaders are seasoned to achieve a number of goals. In many cases, our partners elect for interim leadership while searching for a permanent replacement, while others end up hiring our interim leaders permanently after seeing them in action!

Innovative Leaders to Bridge the Gap

“Not only can interim leaders fulfill a critical vacancy, such as a quick or unplanned departure, or manage a crisis, they are also very seasoned and capable in a number of challenging situations,” explains Ms. Denizli. “One of our roles at Mission Search is to ask the right questions so we can identify the pain points that need to be addressed.”

Mentoring, grooming, and educating internal managers for promotion is a key arena where interim leaders bring their extensive, invaluable hands-on experience. With more than 20 years in their specialty and at least 10 years of experience in a leadership role, our candidates provide unparalleled skills and expertise that benefit institutions of all sizes, challenges, and cultural characteristics.

In addition, interim leaders can help bridge the gap for critical access hospitals or institutions in rural locations. These healthcare facilities, due to their geographic and cultural characteristics, can take time to find permanent leadership. With an equally qualified roster of permanent executive leaders, Mission Search also works closely with our partners to offer full-service placement in these areas, depending on our client’s needs.

Relationships and Transparency are Keys to Mutual Success

Assignment extensions, inclusive models, and temp to perm options are only a few of the ways that Mission Search accommodates the dynamic needs of our clients.

Individual budgets are another way that we uniquely serve our partners. Based on the assignment, the candidate, and all the other variables, we create solutions that benefit everyone.

“I’m a numbers and analytical person myself, and so I understand the perspective of the CFO,” says Ms. Denizli. “That’s why we go above and beyond to explain the value and overall costs that benefit our clients. In the end, we want a situation that is always win-win. Long-term relationships and transparency are at the core of everything we do.”

Choose Mission Search for your Interim Leaders

Interim leaders serve highly specific, highly valuable, and lead innovative programs that can drastically improve the performance, morale, and quality of patient care of a healthcare institution. At Mission Search, we have set the bar high with our recruiting and placement standards, only vetting the very best for our clients. To learn more about our Interim Leadership Solutions, or our Executive Search services, contact us today!

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