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In order to be eligible for the monetary rewards of the Mission Search Referral Program, the Referral must be entered using the below “Refer a Job” form and all required information regarding the Referral must be provided.

Refer a Job

Job Gets Filled – Permanent Position
Receive referral equal to 1% of the placed Candidate’s First Year’s Estimated Base Compensation

Job Gets Filled – Temporary Assignment
Receive referral equal to $1.00 for Every Hour a Candidate bills on the referred job.

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Permanent Placement

  • Alice refers a permanent placement Job Opening to Mission Search.
  • We place Mary in the referred Job Opening as a Permanent Employee.
  • Mary’s First Year’s Estimated Compensation is $100,000.

Alice will receive $1,000 (1% X $100,000) once Mary starts her new job and Mission Search’s placement guarantee to the Client has been satisfied.

Temporary Assignment

  • Alice refers a temporary assignment Job Opening to Mission Search.
  • We assign John to this temporary assignment for 6 months.
  • John bills 1,040 hours during this 6-month assignment.

Alice will receive $1,040 ($1 X 1,040 hrs) for this temporary assignment Job Opening referral to Mission Search.

Please fill out the Mission Search Job Referral Form to get started. If your referral is deemed a qualified Job, we will contact you directly.

Please call our office at (888) 300-1504 if you have any questions regarding your referral.

Job Referral

  • This field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged.
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