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In order to be eligible for the monetary rewards of the Mission Search Referral Program, the Referral must be entered using the below “Refer a Candidate” form and all required information regarding the Referral must be provided.

Refer a Candidate

Candidate Gets Placed – Permanent Position
Receive referral equal to 1% of the placed Candidate’s First Year’s Estimated Base Compensation

Candidate Gets Placed – Temporary Assignment
Receive referral equal to $1.00 for Every Hour the Candidate bills during their first 12 months

doctors in the office

Permanent Placement

  • Alice refers a Candidate, Robert.
  • We place Robert in a Permanent Position with a Client.
  • Robert’s First Year’s Estimated Base Compensation is $100,000.

Alice will receive $1,000 (1% X $100,000) once Robert starts his new job and Mission Search’s placement guarantee to its Client has been satisfied.

Temporary Assignment

  • Alice refers a Candidate, Robert.
  • We assign Robert to a temporary assignment for 6 months.
  • Robert bills 1,040 hours during this 6-month assignment.

Alice will receive $1,040 ($1 X 1,040 hrs) for Robert’s initial temporary assignment with Mission Search

Alice will continue to receive $1 for each hour that Robert works/bills for Mission Search on subsequent assignments through Robert’s one year anniversary with Mission Search.

Please fill out the below Mission Search Candidate Referral Form to get started. If your referral is deemed a qualified Candidate, we will contact you directly.

Please call our office at (888) 300-1504 if you have any questions regarding your referral.

Candidate Referral

  • This field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged.
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