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Radiation Oncology Part One: Talents and Trends

radiation oncology trends

Did you know that nearly two-thirds of cancer patients today will receive radiation therapy as part of their cancer treatment plan? According to the American Society for Radiation Oncology (ASTRO), radiation oncology is used not only to treat and cure the disease itself, but it offers pain relief for terminal cases as well.

With approximately 5,000 professional radiation oncologists practicing in the United States, we at Mission Search have developed a deep and meaningful relationship with this professional community as one of the nation’s leaders in medical recruiting for cancer centers.

We spoke with Mr. Nando Ramos, Director of Medical OEM Services at Mission Search, to discuss trends in staffing, technology, and the landscape of radiation oncology today.

Understanding Both Sides

One of Mission Search’s best strengths in the industry is our 20+ years of experience and in-depth knowledge within radiation oncology, not only with candidates, but also with health care organizations. We work very hard to connect the very best talent with our healthcare clients.

“When I first started in the medical recruiting business, I was working mainly with candidates, looking for talent not just with the clinical experience but for those who would make a good cultural fit with the client,” says Mr. Ramos. “Now, it’s a little different, because we at Mission Search work with both the vendor and the client so we really understand what each side needs, and what they’re ultimately looking for.”

As one of the largest, privately-owned Radiation Oncology specific Executive Search firms, we do our best to cover every aspect of radiation oncology, including the direct OEM services facilitating the machinery and engineering services.

“Our multiple service lines, our years of combined experience, and our extensive database of clients and candidates makes us great partners for cancer centers and healthcare organizations,” says Mr. Ramos. “We’re a very well-rounded group and since we go to all the trade shows, nearly everyone knows us by name.”

Culture in Radiation Oncology

Mr. Ramos explains that oftentimes, HR departments within a healthcare organization may not always understand what they’re looking for in terms of specifics of radiation oncology. At Mission Search, we do an extensive analysis to get all the important details and specifics before creating a slate of qualified candidates.

“Everything from how many years of experience, what kind of machinery they’re experienced with, what their preferences on location are, etc. Our partners can rely on us to understand everything important to get the best result, the most qualified candidates, and those who match their cultural environment in order to succeed with high-impact,” explains Mr. Ramos.

A True Partner in Radiation Oncology

The work of radiation oncology is an exciting one, because advances in treatments, the importance of patient access, and the sheer pervasiveness of cancer make it a landscape that will rapidly shift and change and will always have an immediate need.

With new developments on the horizon, Mission Search’s extensive knowledge of the industry, our connections with key players and organizations make us the ideal choice for both candidates and hospitals looking to make their next move.

To learn more about our services, or to speak with a recruiting specialist, contact us today!

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