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Mission Search Looking Forward to ASHHRA 2022

Mission Search Looking Forward to ASHHRA 2022

Mission Search Looking Forward to ASHHRA 2022

For years, Mission Search has had close ties with the American Society for Health Care Human Resources Administration (ASHHRA). The group’s annual conference is a huge part of that tradition, but the pandemic temporarily disrupted our participation. That is why we’re thrilled to announce our return to the in-person conference this year from April 24th to 27th in Phoenix, Arizona. As we prepare to reignite connections and step into our role as a proud exhibitor, the enthusiasm is there.

How Mission Search Connects to ASHHRA’s Core Values

Ozge Denizli, Mission Search’s ASHHRA expert and Interim Leadership Thought Leader, is looking forward to participating in this year’s conference. She highlights that ASHHRA continues to focus on three fundamental values that Mission Search happens to share:

  • Connect
  • Innovate 
  • Transform

“When we talk about connection, we’re talking about trusted partnerships,” says Denizli. “Innovation goes hand in hand with our ability to work with pioneering health systems in our industry, and every health care leader we represent can transform. Everything in our passion, knowledge and experience resonates with what ASHHRA stands for.” In other words, it’s a natural partnership because we share those same core values.

Expectations for ASHHRA 2022

As an accredited healthcare staffing and consulting organization, events like ASHHRA put Mission Search in direct collaboration with the main stakeholders within the healthcare setting. 

“These decision-makers are natural partners for us,” says Denizli. “We can support them in filling their gaps of health care professionals and leadership positions.”

Our team focuses on healthcare leadership, and Denizli’s main goal for the conference is to increase our visibility.

“It’s about consistently putting us on the map,” she says. “We are a small yet growing health care organization. Not everyone is familiar with our solutions and service lines, so it helps to be visible on the map at a nationwide platform like ASHHRA.”

It’s also an opportunity to utilize our network to make new connections and share what we do and why it matters. Denizli is focusing on making more introductions with human resources executives—beyond just the scope of talent acquisition. She’s hoping to meet leaders who shape different HR modalities, such as total rewards, including compensation package creation and benefits.

“The conference will allow me to gain more knowledge in these areas without having to fly out and meet individually with these connections,” says Denizli. “Instead, we will all be in one place, and I’ll have the opportunity to shake hands (or hug!) and have organic conversations.”

Mission Search began attending the ASHHRA conference in 2014, though the pandemic has prevented us from enjoying the in-person event over the last two years. Being present this year will allow us to stay abreast of industry changes and trends. Denizli will be attending with Brian Lieberman, Mission Search’s Director of Client Services.

Attendance is expected to be lower than it was prior to the pandemic, but Denizli says that isn’t necessarily a bad thing. “It’s all about human interaction,” she says. “There are advantages to presenting and articulating in a smaller setting. Face-to-face networking is my number one goal. It’s how we foster future collaborations and nurture existing relationships.” 

Looking Toward the Future

Gathering together at ASHHRA 2022 allows us to better understand the ever-evolving world of healthcare.

“Our industry ecosystem is changing,” says Denizli. “I personally work with many subject matter experts to provide transitional interim leadership to our clients. I want to understand how educated these decision-makers are regarding transitional leadership. Why is it invaluable to consider the interim leadership route? I can give them specific examples by being transparent about numbers and talking about quality.”

Essentially, it is not our goal to sit behind a desk and observe from the sidelines, “We’re really going there to learn and connect because it is our passion,” adds Denizli.

Looking ahead, Denizili hopes to create an opportunity for Mission Search to be a future speaker at ASHHRA. This can set the stage for a more reciprocal relationship where we share our knowledge on a larger scale.

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