Interim Leadership

Interim Healthcare Leadership is most often not planned for; however, is needed when an organizational change arises unexpectedly and creates a void in management. We provide Interim leaders who will transform departments and get ahead of the wave of changes sweeping the healthcare industry.

Much is expected from our interim healthcare leadership professionals, therefore we deliver on your expectations.

It takes an average of 9 months to fill a Director level position. Interim leaders know how to put first things first and have the discipline to carry out the required tasks. An Interim Leader will fill the void, build positive momentum, solve critical problems, and manage change while you find the perfect permanent leader.

Our expert interim healthcare recruiters are among the best trained in the industry and understand that a vacancy in a key position can lead to vulnerability. An open Executive, Director, or management position is an opportunity to enlist an experienced expert to help you manage change.

Interim Healthcare Leadership can:

  • Serve as the bridge to a permanent hire
  • Cover a long term absence such as maternity coverage, sabbatical, or temporary disablility

In addition, we offer a unique ‘Solution Savings Program’. When you sign up for this program you receive a credit for each week worked by the Interim Leader to be applied toward Mission Search Executive Search services for the hire of a permanent candidate for the same position.

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