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mission search executive leaders

Identifying Executive Leaders for World-Class Healthcare Organizations

mission search executive leaders

With the ever-changing and dynamic needs of healthcare organizations, finding leadership that fulfills both deliberate and long-term results is vital in finding a successful permanent executive. At Mission Search, we have helped thousands of leading hospitals, medical centers, and other institutions find high-impact C-suites to deliver, meet, and exceed the organization’s unique culture and business goals.

We sat with Mr. Ira Katz, EVP of Executive Search, to learn more about the unique and impactful ways that our processes and methodologies have helped healthcare organizations across the nation find their permanent leaders.

Executive Leadership: What Organizations Need

At Mission Search, we’ve learned that it always comes down to what the client needs to accomplish. Whether they’re a critical access hospital or a Trauma 1 center – these types of leadership levels are critical in maintaining quality and the patient care outcomes that are desirable to enhance the reference of their facility and their capabilities.

“Anything from clinical leaders who have a direct impact on nurse staffing  and bedside patient care, to finance professionals who deal with the insurance reimbursement side of the business,” explains Mr. Katz, “These are highly specialized positions that we excel in identifying candidates and placing them in the right environments.” 

“Vendor management, facility operations and maintenance, and all key leadership roles both on an individual hospital basis as well as potential regional or system level are those that we can help deliver on,” says Mr. Katz.

While many healthcare organizations may attempt to recruit a permanent leader using their own resources, this can prove to be exhaustive. That’s where Mission Search can bridge the gap using our partnership methodology to find solutions to fit the bill. 

Identifying Leaders and Opportunities

One of the ways in which Mission Search has become a leader is through our extensive Engaged Search process. Using our proprietary tool, the SearchQuest™ questionnaire, we customize for each search, the candidate will provide answers to relevant topics to help the client understand why the candidate is worth pursuing as part of the selection process.

“Relationships are always at the heart of what we do,” says Mr. Katz. “Our team is deeply connected to the candidate population, we have large professional networks, and we’re proactive about having conversations with them and understanding their ambitions and goals.”

Leaders who are passionate about change, growth, advancement, and security are key characteristics that we specifically attract, but more importantly – their reasons for wanting to enact change is what we want to truly understand. 

Our Leadership Roster of Excellence

The Executive Search team at Mission Search isn’t just there to help hospitals find the leadership they need. Our team is equally dedicated to providing resources, career guidance, mentoring, and professional development preparation for our candidates. This accomplishes an important goal: to truly know and understand the motivations of our candidates. We guide them along the entire process, nurturing them, to ensure that they are placed in an environment where they will thrive. Mission Search also guarantees a replacement candidate if the need arises.

“Not all search firms are equal,” explains Mr. Katz. “We seek to understand the organizational culture and fit, the balance between a wish list versus reality. We manage expectations throughout and provide unbiased, third-party counseling. This makes for happy Executive Leaders, tremendous cost savings for our partners, and ultimately, better outcomes for all.”

To learn more about Mission Search’s Executive Search services, contact a member of our team today. We are ready to help!

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