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How to Prepare for a Virtual Interview

While virtual interviews first entered the digital stage several years ago, it has gained massive traction since coronavirus has made its impact on the business world. At Mission Search, we connect healthcare opportunities with the talent to mutually benefit healthcare professionals and organizations alike. With that said, virtual interviews have become the new “normal,” we have put together a few key tips for interviewing well in a virtual world.

The Virtual Handshake

With more and more interviews being held over video conferencing, the “virtual handshake” has emerged as a collective series of gestures that we’ve begun to adopt. Focus on the screen, and when possible, look directly into the camera to simulate eye contact as you would in person. Whether it’s a wave, or a smile, or a nod when you introduce yourself, remember that every gesture you make on camera is imparted in place of the business handshake!

Research in Advance

Whether in person or conducting a virtual interview, it’s imperative to research the organization you’re applying to. Not only the history, but the culture, reviews, past news stories, and other mentions to show that you demonstrated a true interest in acquiring the position. 

Test Beforehand

Make sure your video interview has sufficient lighting, and your background is distraction-free so that your interviewer can devote their entire attention to you. Nothing is more distracting than having to strain over background noise to understand what you’re speaking about, adding another challenging layer to an already challenging situation. Test your background and audio by recording a quick video by yourself before your interview starts, so you can make modifications if needed.

Dress for Success

While Zoom might allow some employees to work “without pants,” that doesn’t mean that you should practice this during a professional exchange like an interview. Dress as you would normally for an in-person interview in proper business attire. Hygiene is one of the first impressions you make upon meeting someone and paying attention to how you present yourself in person is no different than how you should do it in a virtual interview.

At Mission Search, our commitment to helping attract and recruit the top talents in health care has never wavered, not even in our recent times of COVID-19. Our team of recruiters in radiation oncology, interim and executive leadership make us strong partners for the organizations around the country we’re proud to call our partners. For more information about current healthcare employment opportunities, contact us today!

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