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How Mission Search Supports Critical Access Hospitals

staffing critical access hopsitals

Sometimes it takes a fresh perspective to bring effective change – an outside leader to see things in a new light and spark an opportunity for growth. At Mission Search, our 20+ years of partnering with the healthcare heroes in our industry have taught us one very important thing: high-quality healthcare is something that every person in our country deserves to access, no matter where they are. 

More recently, our medical recruitment team has become increasingly involved with Critical Access Hospitals (CAH) – those who serve smaller, more rural communities with populations of 20,000 residents or less. We wanted to underline the value of these healthcare facilities and the importance of our partnerships with them in this spotlight.

The Challenges of Critical Access

“Healthcare facilities that serve smaller populations have additional challenges that others just don’t face,” said Joe Thomas, Senior Executive Consultant at Mission Search. 

While budgetary issues are common everywhere, critical access hospitals have other requirements for success. “Not everyone understands the culture of a smaller community, it can be more difficult to attract and retain outside talent versus people who have a history of living there.”

Combine that with a retiring population and younger people moving away to find opportunities in bigger metropolitan areas, the market can be very tough. All the same while, these critical healthcare facilities deliver the same high-quality level of medical care to serve the needs of their communities.

Leadership Solutions for CAH’s

With our deep understanding of the values that uphold and drive success for our partners in rural communities, our experience in staffing interim and executive leadership roles has been one of the most significant ways we’ve helped our healthcare partners in this field. It’s also been one of the more challenging areas of what we do, and as such, has been tremendously rewarding. We take pride in being able to quickly and cost-effectively help our partners place some of the best leadership talents this country has to offer.

Mission Search’s leadership professionals provide exceptional value to our partners for both long and short-term assignments. This applies to a number of scenarios that a hospital may face including transition, organizational change, or even crisis. 

“Our Interim Leaders are on the cutting edge – and they are seasoned by not only 10+ years of experience, but they see everything because they go from hospital to hospital around the country,” explains Mr. Thomas. “You just can’t get that kind of experience when you work at the same place.”

At Mission Search, we are proud to support the dynamic needs of the 1300+ hospitals in small towns with their professional needs. As Joint Commission Certified, we committed to providing a higher standard of service and to the delivery of safe, quality patient care in everything we do. To learn more, contact us today.

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