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Benefit From Remote Dosimetry

Dosimetrists are an essential part of any cancer center. These highly-trained individuals are responsible for planning and monitoring the doses that a patient receives during their radiation therapy. Remote dosimetrists are a hot commodity for both fast-growing cancer centers and rural centers alike.

As the demand for treatment planning increases with more and more patients, so does the need for quickly available remote dosimetrists. Likewise, for rural centers, keeping a full-time dosimetrist on retainer just doesn’t make fiscal sense when the patient demand isn’t there.  

Mission Search brings over two decades of experience in optimizing performance in oncology departments. Our Remote Dosimetry Treatment Planning services are designed to accommodate our clients’ needs from allowing more growth to putting more money away to benefit their bottom line. 

Utilizing remote treatment planning is cost-effective, consequently allowing your organization to be perpetually prepared for steady growth. With our highly qualified, skilled, and experienced Remote Dosimetrists, you can increase your caseload without needing to add full-time employees

Through taking advantage of our Remote Dosimetry Treatment Planning services, you allow your organization to be prepared for any situation from unexpected call-outs to growing patient demand. At Mission Search, we understand the importance of fostering professional relationships in driving the success of both our clients and our candidates. 

Our talented Mission Search consultants are here to help our clients develop strategies that benefit their organization as a whole. For cancer centers, Remote Dosimerists are the optimum solution for their radiation treatment planning department. 

Learn more about our Remote Dosimetry options today by calling your Mission Search consultant or (800) 410-2009. 

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