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3D Mammograms 101

Early detection is key for breast cancer diagnosis and treatment. Thanks to new imaging tests, 62.5% of breast cancer cases are caught before the cancer spreads to other areas of the body. These new and innovative imaging tests include 3D mammograms. 

3D mammograms (sometimes called digital tomosynthesis) are becoming the new industry standard for breast tissue imaging. In comparison to standard 2D imaging tests, 3D mammograms significantly increase the likelihood of early detection of malignant tumors.

3D imaging tests offer doctor’s much more detail than 2D tests, allowing them to examine breast tissue as thin as 1 millimeter. Thanks to this sophisticated level of detail, 3D mammograms are giving doctors and patients higher levels of confidence in their diagnoses.

Technicians perform 3D mammograms in a relatively similar way they would a 2D mammogram. The imaging arm of the 3D mammogram machine circles the breast tissue, taking X-rays from different angles to create a complete, detailed image. The process takes slightly longer than a 2D imaging test, but the hardly noticeable difference is worth the higher confidence in results.   

Doctors are now recommending that any woman who would need a mammogram should opt for the more advanced 3D imaging test to successfully identify any potential concerns and maintain optimal breast health! 

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