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2021 mission search

2021 With Mission Search: A Message from Pete Dominici

2021 mission search

New year, new energy, new vaccines, and new opportunities! As we venture into 2021, leaving behind one of the most challenging years of our lives, we look to the future in a new world with more wisdom, renewed hope, and plans for growth at Mission Search.

We sat down with Mr. Pete Dominici, Vice-President and CFO at Mission Search, to talk about the opportunities, challenges, and ventures that will define us in 2021. As a seasoned professional in the finance world and empowering thought leader in this space, he shared several positive messages to relay to our clients, partners, and colleagues as we venture into a brand-new year.

A Roster of Success Ready for Our Partners

As many hospital departments were forced to close down this year due to accommodating ICU’s and additional beds for COVID-afflicted patients, Mission Search’s roster of interim and permanent executive leadership is poised to return to a post-COVID environment.

“We are specialized in providing a diverse slate of qualified, experienced, high-impact management and executive professionals to help rebuild and grow alongside our healthcare facility partners” explains Mr. Dominici.

“When many people were unwilling or unable to go to work in a hospital environment in 2020, our roster of interim managers and executives were there to hit the spot and keep things running,” he explains. “And we look forward to continuing to provide excellence in leadership, whether interim or permanent, with our roster of healthcare professionals.”

Expanding New Services

While some of our business branches took a step back due to the pandemic, it allowed Mission Search to explore new service options and new offerings to our clients.

“Since Mission Search was founded in 1998, we’ve become known increasingly as a highly specific, niche, boutique healthcare staffing firm,” explains Mr. Dominici.

This year, our team has created a new Oncology Consulting Services Department. This provides established, as well as up-and-coming cancer centers to benefit from the consulting services of a seasoned professional on all matters from management, to equipment, to servicing, and all other operational manners involved in running a cancer center.

“We are also servicing a groundbreaking new treatment method – Proton Therapy – and providing the experienced professionals and thought leaders to our partners in this field, too,” Mr. Dominici adds.

Mission Search is excited to expand these service lines further in 2021 as we continue to build momentum in these new areas.

Mission Search Goes International

The rollout of the vaccine gives us a solid prediction: that many Americans will want to travel and seek out new experiences after being socially distanced and quarantined for all these months. In this way, we look forward to 2021 as being a year of growth in our international endeavors.

“One of the ways we plan to grow is by expanding our brand in foreign countries,” explains Mr. Dominici.

“With our English Language Excellence Program, we intend to recruit and place highly qualified English language teachers in the top teaching hospitals and medical universities in the Middle East and beyond.  It is our goal to eventually expand our relationship with these new international clients to include all of our service offerings in the healthcare sector with the ultimate goal of introducing and offering international assignment opportunities to our US-based staff.”

A New Hope for 2021

After conquering the challenges that impacted us in 2020, Mission Search is looking to 2021 with new services, new opportunities, and new hopes.

To learn more about our services, and how our team can help – contact us today to speak with a member of our team!


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