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doctors working locum tenens

10 Reasons to Work Locum Tenens

doctors working locum tenens

At Mission Search, we’ve built a reputable staffing firm for health care partners and one of our biggest areas of specialty is in providing locum tenens opportunities for medical candidates and the organizations where we place them. Locum tenens – meaning “temporary work” translated from Latin, holds significant value for medical professionals, leadership, as well as patients. While temporary work might seem like an unsteady way to earn an income, it’s becoming more popular amongst different medical specialties. A report by Doximity in 2019 showed that radiation oncology was the 7th most interested specialty in locum tenens positions.

So, what are some unexpected benefits of “livin’ the vida locum?” Read our top 10 reasons to consider this exciting and ever-changing professional opportunity.

1 Flexibility

Depending on the nature of the work assignment and your preferences, you can opt for short-term or long-term, part-time, or full-time assignments. There are fewer professions that offer that level of flexibility and control of your own schedule, and many find it to be a desirable benefit.

2 Ability to Travel

Another popular perk of locum tenens is the fact that you’ll be able to experience working and living in a new city. With that comes the discovery of new friends, foods, sights, and sounds, and other personal experiences that are enriching.

3 Accelerated Learning

Nothing is more eye-opening than to experience how different hospitals operate, even within a certain specialty. Locum tenens employees travel from hospital to hospital, learning more about the bigger picture of the industry while evaluating operational differences.

4 Make Moves

Just as working in different hospitals provides education and insights, it also allows the candidate to gain seniority and accelerates experiences, making it easier to negotiate a higher position and salary down the line.

5 Problem-Solving

As a locum tenens professional, you’ll be exposed to many new and different environments and hospital systems. By adapting to these changes, you’ll have a much stronger sense of problem-solving and can bring that with you, wherever you go. 

6 Avoid Burnout

Nothing helps to avoid burnout when you can exercise control over how much, when, and where you work. 

7 Financial Freedom

Depending on the assignment and the candidate’s experience, most locum tenens salaries are very generous and competitive. In fact, some medical professionals choose to work part-time locum jobs in addition to their full-time employment to earn supplemental income.

8 Enhanced Career Independence

Rather than waiting for job opportunities to come to you, locum tenens professionals enjoy the ability to choose from a greater variety of jobs in a variety of locations. 

9 It Helps the Health Care Center and its Community

Many locum tenens professionals are hired by hospitals amid change, or face another difficulty such as being short-staffed or seeking new leadership. By traveling to a health care center in need of your professional services, it helps that hospital keep moving forward and continuing to provide quality patient care.

10 It Helps Patients, Too

Locum tenens employees can experience personal fulfillment in knowing that they’re providing their care and services to a community of patients truly in need. 

If you are interested in learning more about the benefits of locum tenens and want to hear about our current openings, fill out our contact form or give us a call at 800-410-2009 to get started today!


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